How a Search Engine Optimization Agency Helps Carpet Installation Companies

Targeting the right keywords is crucial to a successful SEO campaign. By targeting the right keywords, companies can increase organic website traffic through Google and gain an advantage over their competitors. On average, there are 40,500 online searches for carpet installation every month in the U.S. Using Top SEO keywords to optimize your website will generate inbound leads.

Adda Carpets & Flooring

The family-owned Adda Carpets & Flooring has been providing New Orleans with premium flooring options since 1976. The flooring company was originally called Huey Brown's Kitchens, but in 2009 Karen Judge and her son Chris purchased the company and moved it to Elmwood. You can browse their extensive showroom to find a style and color that is perfect for your home.

With the help of Servicehawk, the flooring company was able to build a search optimized website that was tailored to local search trends. As a result of the strategy, Adda Carpets & Flooring has seen an increase of organic calls from local search results by more than 70%. In addition, organic website traffic has increased by 108%.

Wayne's Flooring

Wayne's Flooring, a flooring company in Fort Wayne, IN, partnered with a search engine optimization agency to implement a digital marketing campaign that would promote a free carpet installation special. The campaign involved paid search engine marketing through Google display ads, text ads, and Facebook ads. The campaign was designed to be eye-catching, using a clean and simplistic design. Moreover, the headline featured bullet points that would pique the interest of potential customers.